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Chris Earle, Ph.D.
Specialist, Environment

Chris Earle is a senior ecologist specializing in Endangered Species Act (ESA) issues, watershed analysis, and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem evaluation and restoration. His 19 years of experience includes analyses of major project effects on threatened and endangered species, designing and implementing environmental monitoring programs, and designing projects to perform in an environmentally friendly manner. Chris also has expertise in preparing and negotiating an array of U.S. federal and state environmental permits; managing watershed-level studies of forestry, grazing, and agricultural impacts to stream channels and riparian ecosystems; and developing programmatic solutions to minimize such impacts.

Mr. Earle has provided relevant environmental permitting support for a wide array of development projects, including transportation systems, pipelines, power lines, fiber optic systems, and port developments. He has also helped to develop regulatory program elements such as regional general permits and critical areas ordinances.