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Mark Drusch ICF Alumni
Vice President

Mark Drusch helps identify and implement new market and revenue opportunities, restructure and transform operations to achieve higher profitability, and integrate management teams to maximize results and minimize cross-company inefficiencies. In the 15 years Mr. Drusch served as senior vice president at Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines, he led transformations in commercial airline strategy and execution, revenue management, route planning, scheduling, alliances, loyalty, distribution, regional carriers, and catering. Mr. Drusch also offers experience building from the ground up customer facing platforms, integrating with the airline and hotel systems, and digitally interfacing with businesses clients globally. These transformative businesses changed the way the industry operates and opened the aperture for sources of airline revenue generation. He offers experience launching and managing global online consumer businesses that generated new revenue stream for the airline, hotel, car rental, and retail partners from the sale of their loyalty currencies.

Mr. Drusch has an B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Northwestern University.

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