Cliff Collier
Senior Advisor
Cliff Collier is a seasoned executive in ICF’s Operations & Supply Chain (OSC) practice where he helps aerospace companies assess and realize cost and efficiency improvements. He also leads operations due diligence projects. Cliff has 30 years of experience in Supply Chain, IT and Human Resources management from Vought Aircraft Industries and Triumph Aerostructures. During this tenure, Cliff honed his supply chain, operations, and implementation skills.  He is particularly skilled in turnaround and start-up operations. Implementation examples include leading a complete restructuring of company benefit plans including union workforce, rescuing a failed SAP implementation and creating a cross-company corporate procurement organization in a highly decentralized aerospace company. He is accomplished in communicating change and getting buy in from the relevant stakeholders.  Cliff has managed significant company liabilities such as pension obligations of $1.6B and procurement spend of $2B annually. He has managed both large organizations, including union workers, and small professional organizations successfully. Mr. Collier has a Masters in Economics and a BA in Economics both from the University of Texas at Arlington.