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Dr. Jonathan Cohen
Director, Analytics

Dr. Jonathan Cohen has 27 years of experience in statistics and data analysis. He has managed diverse projects in statistical theory and its applications to the statistical data analysis of environmental land, air, and water quality and emissions data. He is skilled in regression analysis, general linear models and mixed models, dose-response modeling, spatial analysis, nonparametric statistics, censored data analysis, database management, applied probability, Bayesian modeling, and statistical simulation.

Dr. Cohen has managed ICF’s support of EPA’s America’s Children and the Environment Report since 2004, analyzing and updating numerous annual indicators of children’s environmental health, including exposure to environmental contaminants, body burdens, and childhood illness rates. He analyzes data from AQS, SDWIS, NHANES, NHIS, SEER and other major data sources, developing and applying statistical methods to test for trends, year-to-year changes, and demographic differences. Other projects on children’s exposures and risks have included: developing alternative statistical analyses of the association between child blood lead and IQ; developing statistical models for the relationship between local ambient lead levels and blood lead, accounting for demographic variables and county and state effects; and a statistical analysis of the cumulative risk of organophosphorus pesticides.

Before joining ICF, Dr. Cohen was an assistant professor of Statistics for seven years at the Universities of Minnesota and Kentucky. He currently is an adjunct instructor of Mathematics at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Dr. Cohen has a Ph.D. in Statistics from Imperial College, London.

Insights by Dr. Jonathan Cohen