About ICF

Lanika Cervantes

Senior Regulatory Specialist, Wetland Biologist
Lanika is a wetland biology expert with more than 10 years of experience implementing and complying with regulatory programs.

Lanika has experience achieving compliance with Section 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act, the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act, Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act, Section 1602 of the California Fish and Game Code, National Environmental Policy Act, and federal and state endangered species regulations. She also specializes in conducting field waters and wetlands delineations and aquatic feature functional assessments using the California Rapid Assessment Method. Lanika has permitting and delineation experience throughout California with extensive experience in southern California. Her expertise includes providing project permitting approaches, facilitating the issuance of regulatory permits, negotiating compensatory mitigation, and regulatory compliance during construction for a wide range of projects, from single road crossings projects to city-wide programmatic permitting efforts. 

Lanika has a Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Ecology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from California State University, San Marcos.