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Francesca Capano ICF Alumni
Consultant - Radicalisation and Migration

Francesca works on the implementation of projects of DG Home Affairs and Migration. In the last three years, her work focused on radicalisation and migration. She has a few publications on the topics and attended a number of international conferences in this regard.

She is closely involved in the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Centre of Excellence since 2015. She is in charge of supporting the Working Groups on Prison and Probation and Exit Strategies. She has gained experience and knowledge in the field of prison, about radicalised offenders, detention regimes, exit interventions and multi-agency cooperation. With RAN CoE, she is positioned as an expert on the topic and has developed a European-wide network of connections with practitioners on prison and probation settings, as well as with exit workers.

With a MA in International Relations (Italy) and a second one in Terrorism and International Security (United Kingdom), she has an extensive experience in research and analysis, both in Europe and in the U.S. She is also enrolled in her second year of a PhD in Criminology, where she is researching the phenomenon of radicalisation in prison in connection with the experiences of European Member States with terrorism in the previous century.

Selected Publications & Projects