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Colin Brennan
Senior Biologist, Environment
B.S. Biology, California State University Chico
Colin Brennan is a fisheries biologist with over 13 years of experience conducting research on fish and invertebrates in marine, estuarine, and riverine ecosystems. He’s an experienced taxonomist that specializes in larval fish, zooplankton, mysid shrimp, and amphipod taxonomy. Colin trained under Dr. Dr. Johnson C.S. Wang, noted ichthyologist, regarding the identification of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta larval fishes. His recent work focuses on examining factors that affect Delta Smelt, Longfin Smelt, and juvenile Chinook Salmon in the upper San Francisco Estuary. Colin’s previous work included impingement and entrainment studies for power plants, proposed desalination plants, and water districts. He conducted a year-long entrainment and source water study for a proposed desalination plant for the Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek water districts by collecting entrainment samples and using SCUBA and underwater video to study the effects of a wedgewire intake screen on marine life. Colin has over nine years of experience conducting field sampling (sieve net and ichthyoplankton and zooplankton nets) for the Contra Costa Water District at the Old River, Middle River, and Mallard Slough pump stations, and at the Rock Slough Fish Screen.