About ICF

Beverly Bowen

Director, Transportation
Beverly advocates for and facilitates broad participation and collaboration in transportation decision making with nearly 30 years of experience.

With nearly 30 years of engineering experience, Beverly’s expertise in transportation spans almost 20 years. Before focusing on transport, she supported the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant construction as a project engineer.

Beverly engages transportation professionals across all levels of government and disciplines. She brings a strong understanding of the relationship between transportation and other sectors, including health, environment, and economic development, which allows her to focus on collaborative decision making.

Her experience as a North Carolina Department of Transportation planning supervisor gives her a detailed understanding of transportation practice and various agency roles. This includes the state Department of Transport, metropolitan planning organization, rural planning organization, and local government. As a facilitator, Beverly’s ongoing engagement with practitioners across the county keeps her knowledge current as issues and topics of interest change.

Beverly is a seasoned project manager, supporting various projects to ensure budget, schedule, and commitments. She works collaboratively with clients and project participants to provide the best outcome for everyone involved. Beverly is passionate about transportation and health and maintains her interface with local practitioners to support their community’s needs. She believes that solutions are better with multiple perspectives, and she seeks ways to create synergy and support across the spectrum of interests.

Beverly holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University.

  • B.S., Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University