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Dr. Steven Aude
Senior Managing Director, Human Performance

Steven Aude is a behavioral scientist-practitioner with 20 years of experience in applied research, education, and training for the U.S. government and private and nonprofit sector organizations. He has expertise at conducting applied behavioral sciences research that extends to practical, on-the-job applications.

Dr. Aude has facilitated many learning interventions, including a workshop for top school principals on leadership assessment interpretation and peer-to-peer coaching and a training course for executives on how to effectively develop others in the workplace. He draws on research-derived data from workplace leaders to create effective content for teaching topics such as delivering feedback, on-the-spot coaching, helping direct reports recover from mistakes, identifying development needs, and mentoring.

Dr. Aude has led multidisciplinary development teams in creating interactive multimedia instruction and simulations that address a broad range of leader influencing, negotiating, interpersonal skills, conflict management, decision making, trust building, communications, and adaptability to change. He has also explored and conducted research on topics such as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) leader development; informal leader development; perseverance; initiative; and rapid specialized team integration.

Dr. Aude has developed multiple handbooks, measures, and guidebooks and was the lead author for a handbook that supports senior leaders in fostering the development of other leaders.

Insights by Dr. Steven Aude