About ICF

Jim Arthur

Technical Director, International Development
Jim specializes in sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban infrastructure, services, and facilities, with over 25 years of experience.

Jim is a regional and urban infrastructure engineer and specialist in the planning, development, delivery, management, and evaluation of urban infrastructure, services, and facilities. He has extensive experience in policy, strategy, and institutional development and assessment. He focuses on regional and urban planning and development, infrastructure provision, and service delivery in developing, middle-income, and newly-developed countries. Jim has over 25 years of experience managing and directing multi-professional teams engaged in the preparation, packaging, design, implementation, and evaluation of urban development. His work has involved strategic assessments, capacity building, and institutional development programs. He also assists the identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, and evaluation of a wide range of infrastructure, service delivery, and socio-economic development programs, mainly for national governments and international funding agencies.

Jim has increasingly managed projects and programs that incorporate smart urban development approaches and climate change and disaster resilience into infrastructure design and service delivery interventions. He has provided direct support to urban institutions in the climate-proofing of infrastructure and services. Jim has worked as team leader and project manager on a wide variety of major city development programs and projects, dealing directly with public officials at the levels of minister, permanent secretary, program and project director, governor, and mayor. He is currently team leader for the five-year, £7 million Nepal Urban Resilience Project funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Jim has a breadth of sector knowledge, and the strong leadership and interpersonal skills necessary to effectively manage a large and diverse technical team. He is also adept at engaging clients and other stakeholders in partnership formation. Jim has worked with a wide range of government institutions, developing mechanisms to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of infrastructure investments and service delivery mechanisms under conditions of increasing demand and climatic constraints. He has also undertaken extensive mission work in the preparation and evaluation of programs and projects in the regional and urban development, infrastructure, service delivery, water, waste management, and environmental sectors, mainly for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Department for International Development (now FCDO), and the United Nations Development Programme.

  • B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Birmingham University, UK
  • M.Sc., Civil Engineering, Birmingham University, UK
  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Birmingham University, UK
  • Chartered Environmental Engineer
  • Member, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
  • Member, Institution of Civil Engineers