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Jessica Abella ICF Alumni
Senior Associate

Jessica Abella is a Professional Engineer in Alberta, Canada and analytical researcher with 12 years of experience in technology assessment to inform policy and business decision-making processes in the energy sector. Ms. Abella has developed expertise in assessing environmental and economic trade-offs of energy decisions on a life cycle basis including greenhouse gas implications of producing Western Canadian crude oils, refining petroleum, development of natural gas industry, and technology assessment of mitigation paths. Ms. Abella has also conducted studies related to the: engineering, economic, financial, and environmental impact of development of renewable energy resources. In Addition, she has developed expertise in interpretation of ISO guidelines and developing internal process reviews, process mapping, and process design to improve and align Environment Risk Management and Compliance Management systems.

Previously, Ms. Abella was the lead author of the Petroleum Refinery Life Cycle Model (PRELIM), an Excel-based open source Life Cycle tool to measure refinery greenhouse gas emissions of processing different crudes within different refinery configurations; the model has been adopted by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to implement the International Oil-Climate Index.

Ms. Abella holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering specializing in Energy and Environmental Systems.