About ICF
Peter M. Schulte
Board of Directors
CM Equity Partners
Peter is an expert in investing and corporate finance with more than 35 years of experience.

Peter is a member of ICF’s Board of Directors and a managing partner and co-founder of CM Equity Partners (CMEP). Peter’s experience includes private equity investing through CMEP, as well as corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions at Salomon Brothers, Inc. Prior to that, Peter focused on the financial services sector for technology marketing and sales at IBM’s Data Processing Division.

Peter is a member of the boards of directors of several private companies. These companies include The Level Playing Field, Corp.; Citizant, Inc.; Preferred Systems Solutions, Inc.; and Systems Planning & Analysis, Inc. He also serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including Lasell College and the Rainforest Alliance.

Peter is a graduate of Harvard College (AB) and holds a Master’s degree in Public and Private Management (MPPM) from Yale University.

  • M.P.M.M., Yale University
  • A.B., Harvard College