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Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
JOB #R2103869

Strategic Planner

Boring Strategic Planner (s)(t)he(y)

If you’re the kind of strategic planner who wants to work on campaigns that change behaviour and fight climate change, empower young people to take advantage of the opportunities the EU creates, make Erasmus+ an even bigger success, help countries outside the EU enjoy safe foods, or promote clean energy…

If you want to create campaigns that are well-funded and based on solid data and research and stuff like that…

If you want to work for a big European communication agency which focuses on people and citizens rather than consumers…

And if you find yourself getting enthusiastic about all this boring stuff then you’re the Boring Strategic Planner we’re looking for.

How boring is planning at ICF Next?

ICF Next in Brussels creates meaningful campaigns for the European market and abroad. For us, strategic planning goes hand in hand with the Creative Team. We know, boring again, right? In fact, we consider strategists as springboards for coming up with creative ideas - those ones that spark our great campaigns. That means that you will need to inspire other people and teams with your insights and meaningful messages which can create a better world. Here’s a small sample of our work: . But don’t worry, you’ll have the help of senior strategists, media strategists, digital strategists, policy experts and whatever other type of expert you need.

Am I boring enough?

Look, you’ve got this far. If you’re still here it means that being boring doesn’t deter you, quite the contrary. So, yes, this might be the job for you. Let’s have a look at the qualities we would love you to have:

  • A focused, yet passionate and persistent, desire to find beauty and originality

  • A sharp and curious mind

  • The ability to constantly challenge your own opinions and preferences in order to appreciate new ideas

  • Curiosity, dedication and a wide range of references and ideas (i.e. well-read)

  • A broad skill set and interests

  • An aversion to getting trapped in elite social and cultural bubble thinking

  • An understanding of people’s behaviour

  • A good knowledge of the media and how strategic planning influences it

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English (other EU languages are a plus)

  • The ability to make complex subjects understandable

  • The drive to be successful and perform well in all aspects of your strategic work

  • The flexibility to work on different projects simultaneously and balance your workload

  • A proven track record in developing effective strategic plans

  • Creative and strategic thinking, which combines systemic and logical thinking as well as deductive and inductive reasoning

How boring will my work be?

The Strategic Planner is the co-architect of great campaigns. He/She/They do(es) this by defining strategies, directions, tactics and control mechanisms based on the client’s objectives and relevancy to the target audience. If you are boring enough to work with us, your days will be filled with the following tasks:

  • Obtaining all the needed information from the clients in terms of objectives, and KPIs in collaboration with the Account Director

  • ‘Translating’ the client briefing into a first strategic internal briefing

  • Gathering all relevant information - market analysis, competitor analysis, media analysis, target analysis, KPI analysis – setting out the strategic lines, and preparing internal (creative, media, …) briefings

  • Defining strategic insights, adapting these insights to the client’s situation, writing a strategic plan, confirming the definition of KPIs, and outlining market impact

  • Following the implementation of the strategy, preparing data collection with internal specialists, and modifying the strategy, if needed, based on internal roll-out feedback

  • Following the external roll-out to confirm the effectiveness of the strategy and innovation, making sure all necessary data is collected, and preparing a final strategic analysis of the project


Working at ICF

Working at ICF means applying a passion for meaningful work with intellectual rigor to help solve the leading issues of our day. Smart, compassionate, innovative, committed, ICF employees tackle unprecedented challenges to benefit people, businesses, and governments around the globe. We believe in collaboration, mutual respect, open communication, and opportunity for growth.

Brussels, Belgium (BE75)

Strategic Planning

Who is ICF Next?

A global consulting services company with approximately 8,000 people across 75+ countries, but we are not your typical consultants.
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ICF is growing, and we add new open roles to our site regularly. If you're waiting for that perfect opportunity at ICF or want an inside look at what it's like to do world-changing work, join our talent network to stay updated.

Join our talent network

ICF is growing, and we add new open roles to our site regularly. If you're waiting for that perfect opportunity at ICF or want an inside look at what it's like to do world-changing work, join our talent network to stay updated.