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EcoMicro Belize In-Country Coordinator/Consultant

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EcoMicro Belize In-Country Coordinator/Consultant

Location: Belize


The EcoMicro Green Finance for MSMEs in the Agriculture and Fisheries Sectors in Belize will provide green finance products to small scale farmers and fisherfolk in Belize. The objective of this project is to finance climate-resilient technologies and practices that will help Belize’s micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the agriculture and fisheries sectors to adapt to changing climate conditions, reduce their vulnerability to physical climate risks, and improve their overall productivity.

Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank’s IDB Lab, and the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada, the EcoMicro Program is a credit facility designed to pilot green finance in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to increase access to clean energy and climate-resilient technologies and practices in a region adapting to climate change. As the executing agency (EA) for EcoMicro in Belize, the Belize Credit Union League Limited (BCUL) will lead this project, in collaboration with its member financial institutions. ICF is leading consultant support to this project.


The EcoMicro In-Country Coordinator Consultant will represent the EcoMicro Belize project team and support the design and implementation of all tasks under the EcoMicro Belize program. She/he will be based in Belize. She/he will report to the ICF EcoMicro Belize Project Manager, and be responsible for day-to-day coordination of program activities throughout the three-year period of performance. She/he will work closely with the Belize Credit Union League to ensure clear and efficient program implementation.  The In-Country Coordinator’s responsibilities will include:

  • Regular project communication and meetings with BCUL and participating credit unions
  • Support to the EcoMicro team in the stakeholder landscape analysis and market assessment
  • Outreach to stakeholders, including representatives of the Government of Belize, trade associations, researchers, private sector enterprises, and credit union beneficiaries
  • Support to the EcoMicro team in designing, coordinating, and delivering training workshops on climate risks assessment and adaptation techniques, climate change mitigation, and energy efficiency.
  • Technical assistance to CU staff in implementing climate risk screening and incorporating climate risk management into business operations
  • Support to participating credit unions in collecting information and data for energy audits
  • Support to the design and implementation of project pilots for green financial products
  • Coordination of a scale strategy to expand delivery of green financial products to CU customers
  • Support to development of monthly progress reports, monitoring and evaluation, and interim and final reports and recommendations
  • Other responsibilities as defined 

The In-Country Coordinator will work as a part-time consultant to ICF, with hours determined by project needs. The average time commitment will be 20 hours per week, with some periods of intensive time commitments of 40 hours per week to support scheduled training and workshops. The Coordinator is expected to take on increasing technical responsibility over the course of the program, and must be able to commit to the position for the full three-year period of performance. The Coordinator will be engaged for an initial six-month contract, with option to extend by mutual agreement.


  • Minimum of five years of relevant professional experience
  • Advanced degree in relevant subject area preferred
  • Strong organizational, writing, and communication skills, including the ability to facilitate web-based meetings and international conference calls
  • Demonstrated experience in coordinating outreach, workshops, and public events in Belize
  • Demonstrated experience in adult training and capacity building
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Belize agencies, institutions, and businesses
  • Familiarity with agricultural and fisheries sectors in Belize, including small-scale enterprises
  • Understanding of climate change risk, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas mitigation, and/or credit union business processes

Washington, DC (DC02)

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