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The ICF Alumni Network

Collaboration has been a hallmark of ICF’s work since the company’s inception in 1969—and it continues to inform the way we work toward groundbreaking solutions for our clients.

The ICF Alumni Network brings together current and past ICFers to forge connections and foster collaboration. With access to informative chats, helpful content and peer-to-peer networking, the ICF Alumni Network continues to grow daily. Our special community is hosted by LinkedIn and is open to current and former ICF employees. Come check it out!


  1. What is the ICF Alumni Network?
    The ICF Official Alumni Network was created on LinkedIn® to provide networking tools to reconnect former colleagues and to help alumni stay connected to ICF. The Network also provides a venue for staff of newly acquired firms to network with current and former ICF employees and to foster recruiting throughout the ICF network of distinguished professionals.

  2. How do I join the ICF Alumni Network?
    If you are a current or former employee of ICF, please go to ICF Official Alumni Network and click Join This Group. Requests to join are subject to approval by the ICF Official Alumni Network Administrator.

  3. Can I invite others to join the group?
    You are strongly encouraged to invite current and former employees of ICF to join the ICF Official Alumni Network. To invite others, go to ICF Official Alumni Network page and click Share Group to select up to 10 contacts from your connections list. You can also use your own email account and send the link. Please be aware that any requests to join will be in a pending status until approved by the ICF Official Alumni Network Administrator.
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