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Global Health Security

ICF is a key partner to U.S. federal and state agencies in the development and execution of efforts to address the most pressing global health security issues.

Issues of global health—acute outbreaks like Ebola and Zika or long-term conditions such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic—know no borders in our increasingly interconnected and globalized world. Lesser-known diseases may present enormous challenges for national security, global trade and transportation, political stability, and development.

ICF offers the reach and impact to address global health security issues across all parts of the world—from remote areas where outbreaks may first occur to the halls of federal and state agencies coordinating preparedness, prevention, detection, response, and recovery to the communities on the front line of the next global health crisis.

For more than 30 years, ICF has provided a range of coordination, planning, training, communication, monitoring, evaluation, and program management services to assist these agencies in preventing, detecting, and responding to global health security issues—both domestically and internationally.